This began as a simple experiment with Jagex's various RS3 APIs. I originally intended to track my friend's character and my character, and only some simple stats. It has evolved quite a bit from there.

To the left, you'll find the number of characters currently being tracked.

Most of the RuneScape/Runemetrics APIs update only when your character is logged out, and my scrapers only run every 15 minutes. If you're looking for an update to your stats/quests/event log, try relogging and waiting until the next 15-minute interval to check again!

If you've entered your character name and gotten an error, it's possible you weren't being tracked yet! Rest assured, however, that if you enter your character name, you've been added to the database and should be tracked on the next 15-minute interval.

In the future, I may open up this site to the public. As of right now, I'm tracking my own characters, my friend's characters, and my clan. If you stumble across this site before I go live with it, congrats! You've found it! It will probably go through more changes before it's live!

I also have a quick note about the data you see on the site. This is all public data, pulled from Jagex's various APIs every 15 minutes. This site was built the way it was to avoid needing any sort of login information, and it will remain that way. Things like the event log and XP averages may be a bit buggy, as the APIs for both of these are prone to returning errors instead of data.

For any technical questions or concerns, please reach out to me at Please keep in mind, this site was built by one person and is maintained by that same person. I do not have a team to handle things; I may not respond immediately but I will get to any emails as quickly as I possibly can.

I built this site using Python 3, Django 3, and a Bootstrap 5 template I hacked to pieces. It is run through Google Domains and hosted on DigitalOcean.

To search, enter your character's name.